SkyTick Fire Stopper

SkyTick SK-FFE2 Knapsack Instant-Foam Fire Extinguisher

SkyTick Fire Stopper

SkyTick Fire Stopper is the World Most Effective Advanced Way to combat Fire accidents in homes, offices, shores and everywhere which makes use of foam. The SkyTick Fire Stopper is a portable unit that brings in significant reduction in response time and better accessibility, thus helping control fires at the initial stage.

  • Easy To OperateMade possible for one person to combat Fire
  • Suitable For Many Extinguising AgentsIt can used at home, offices and everywhere
  • Easy To FillThe Solution Mixing is quite simple
  • Low Working PressureIt Requires Little Human Effort with Good ROI
  • V4A STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERAn Approved Measuring Standard

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SkyTick has applied advanced aerodynamics technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures to create  water mist firefighting systems. The technology creates a narrow distribution of ultra fine water mist, foam or CAFS using speciality nozzles.

  • Low pressure: Systems which operate with pressures less than or equal to 12 bar
  • Medium pressure: Systems operating between 12-34.5 bars
  •  High pressure: Systems which use pressure greater than 34.5 bar

Strength Demonstration

The SkyTick Fire Stopper is capable fo reaching a distance of 50-60m making it highly efficient, useful to combat any fire incident. 

Tested over 100 Cases of fire accidents | Approved by international Bodies | Good ROI Equipment |

You can watch more instructional Videos on Our Official Youtube Channel