PAS 68 Bollards and Barriers

(Anti-Terrorism Crash Tested Bollards & Road Blockers)

Total Secure Automation offer a wide range of anti terrorism crash tested bollards & road blockers. Our crash tested bollards and road blockers have been crash tested to K4, K8 and PAS 68 standards.

All of our K4, K8 or PAS 68 crash tested anti-terrorism bollards and road blockers have been designed and manufactured by a leading team of engineers; they have been tested in line with the K4, K8 & PAS 68 regulations at a leading crash test centre.

All bollards are available in a range of different finishes.All our crash tested bollards and road blockers can be integrated into existing or new access control systems. Crash rated bollards are available as automatic, manual and fixed. Crash tested road rockers are available in shallow mount and full depth versions.

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All of our crash tested barriers and blockers are ideally suited for:

  • Airports 
- Military Bases 
  • Perimeter Security 
  • Navy Ports 
  • Secure Compounds 
  • Government Buildings  
  • Army Bases 
  • Utilities Providers 
  • Banking Institutions