C-Reporter is a real-time emergency communication platform, leading the most advanced public safety technology for emergency infrastructure from the stables of Skytick Technology Global

Case Study


The C-Reporter App is currently been pitched for The Nigeria Customs alongside other advanced Digital Informational Communication Technology Solutions.

Features of C-Reporter

C-Reporter is a next generation Call Handling platform, supported by a full ecosystem, encompassing advanced IP based communication features, global infrastructure and caller solutions. We act as the gateway for delivering rich and smart data to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), helping call takers analyze and process what is happening in real-time, provide accurate support, reduce operational costs, slash time to dispatch and ultimately save lives.

Our system integrates seamlessly and risk-free into any existing 911 legacy infrastructure, providing you with a system that goes beyond anything the public or private sector has seen before.


C-reporter is capable of handling unlimited tasks in security, security calling, handle top secured codes without crashing.

Ease of Use

Our seamless fast ad highly secured c-reporter is easy to deploy for your organization.


Our C-Reporter is capable of integration into your existing systems.


To deploy and white-label c-reporter is faster than you think.